About P&O

Welcome!  Welcome!  My name is Leah Senona, and Parrot & Ox is my written exploration of the world around me.

What you will find within this website is a little bit of everything, ever-growing and ever-changing. One week you might find an update on my progress as a hiker and backpacker or my latest challenge as a writer and the next you might find an extended essay on adoptive motherhood or my grief journey after my father’s death.

I’ve tried for years to find my niche in the blogging world, hoping to organically drive traffic to my site as I become something of an expert on something others want to hear from experts on. But I’m not an expert in anything. And my interests are too widely varied to stick with one general area of topics for long. So here you will find exactly what the tagline promises: a little bit on lots.

As you read my thoughts, ideas, and musings, I hope you will feel free to contribute your own voice to the conversation. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been the wisest person in any space, online or otherwise, and thus relish listening to and learning from others.

Thanks for dropping by and eavesdropping on my life!

5 responses to “About P&O

  1. Thank you for writing about yourself so openly. I love that you said you wanted to be thought of as mysterious but are okay with weird. That’s funny and I love funny! Your statements about humanity and personal journey really resonated with me. I am glad I found you.

    • Tracy, thank you so much for reading and commenting! It made my day to wake up to your comments. I’m so glad you found me! Sounds like we might just be kindred spirits. :)

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