Celebrating Firsts

Because our girls were a teen and tween when they came to us, we’ve missed many of their firsts. First tooth, first word, first step, first scraped knee and all-better kiss, first I love you, first day of kindergarten…we weren’t there for those. Both of my children were more than halfway through their childhood when we first met.

While I would love the ability to go back in time as an observer and watch them experience those precious moments with their birth family, I know such a feat is not possible. So I cherish the firsts I am able to share with them. Tonight my oldest daughter is hosting friends for her very first sleepover at home. And we talked about dress-shopping for the upcoming dance. There are plenty of firsts which await me with each of my daughters. And that’s more than good enough for me.

(Also, my kids having sleepovers at our house makes me feel incredibly grown up. Look at me go!)

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