Fun at Double Blessing Farm

If every person in the world had friends like my friends Rachel and John, every person in the world would be a happier, better person. We took a trip to their farm today to hold baby goats and enjoy the relaxing yet inspiring aura which permeates their homestead. The levels to which I am prone to gush about them is on par with the gushing I do about my husband or my girls. They are the kind of friends who are good for your soul, who invite you to be authentic through their own authenticity, and who just get you. I hope every one of you reading this knows what it is like to have friends like John and Rachel.

A trip to Double Blessing Farm is always a fun, renewing experience filled with lots of laughter and love. My girls relish time spent on the farm and have loved Rachel and John since first meeting them. Today they got to experience loving on baby goats born 10 hours before our arrival. Hearing them squeal and laugh with delight at the antics of the new arrivals was balm to my spirit. I have the most adorable photo of them holding the goats, but I’m not able to share it just yet. Hopefully soon. Until then, here are the photos I can share. Enjoy!

Moo, Molly, and my girl

Moo, Molly, and one of my girls.

Moo, Molly, and my other girl

Moo, Molly, and my other girl.

Baby goat love!

Baby goat love!

I think I'm in love.

I think I’m in love.

Who doesn't love a guy with a baby goat?!

Who doesn’t love a guy with a baby goat?!

Hungry baby.

Hungry baby.



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