The Wonders of Rest

I’m cheating a bit with this post. What you’re reading today was written last night because I desperately needed to take a break from my computer. Since the goal was to post every day in February and I’m technically still posting today, I guess it might not really be cheating after all. Either way, a day of rest away from screens smaller than the TV in my living room is a must.

As I’ve made abundantly clear in my last two posts, this weekend was about having fun and renewing myself. The stress, sadness, responsibilities, obligations, and elective activities which have occupied the past month have taken a toll on me. Even the good and wonderful events on the horizon have added their own measure of energy-sapping weight to the shoulders of my mind.  In order to maintain mental and physical health, a period of rest became necessary.

We’ve probably all heard how busyness is often exalted to the exclusion of much of what makes being human fulfilling. Guilt and comparisons to someone else also work against our need to rest. Yet taking a respite from anything which does not nourish our souls is vital to our ability to continue adding something worthwhile to our relationships, our jobs, and our communities.

I’m an advocate for a pause in the hustle and bustle because I’ve seen the wonders taking a few breaths can accomplish. Four hours into my weekend of refreshment, I discovered at least half of the vocabulary I’ve been missing in recent weeks. I actually started un-stacking the piles of notebooks, unimportant mail, books, and random odds and ends that were beginning to gather anywhere I stayed for longer than a few minutes. I even found the wherewithal to reorganize a bit of the common areas in my home. These accomplishments seem nothing short of miraculous when I think of how exhausted I’ve felt in recent weeks.

Rest works for me. And I think it will work for you, too. If you find yourself missing words, patience, your sense of humor, or your sense of adventure, I suggest giving yourself a bit of recess. Go play. Have fun!

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