Leah’s Weekend Update

It’s been just under 24 hours since we dropped the girls off, and we’ve managed to blend perfect amounts of relaxation and activity into a delightful Friday night and Saturday morning and afternoon. We’ve listened to live music, binge-watched Parks & Recreation, watched The Imitation Game (a brilliant film, in my opinion), shopped for throw pillows ’cause we’re real grownups now, enjoyed a scenic drive while hunting for our dream home, and squealed with delight and awe at adorable mini donkeys. That last bit was mostly just me. It’s been incredibly relaxing to spend time doing relatively ordinary things in the company of an extraordinary person. And I’m pretty sure said extraordinary person will buy me a mini donkey of my very own some day.


Trapfire Brothers at Southern Culture


Kaldi Imperial Coffee Stout by Quest Brewing Company (scrumptious!) and a homemade moon pie


My favorite guy


Mini donkeys!! I LOVE mini donkeys.

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