The Perks of Insomnia

It is 3:04 am as I type this sentence. I’ve been awake for over an hour. In the past month, my sleeping habits have changed. I struggle to sleep. When I do fall asleep, I vividly dream about whatever was occupying head space before I drifted off. This means it is important to read or watch something peaceful and pleasant before falling asleep because I do not want a repeat of some of last week’s dreams.

Being unable to sleep normally can be incredibly stressful. I would like to be able to say I always happily roll with the punches and don’t stress about facing the next day on less rest than I would like. But I would be lying. However, I am learning to adjust my expectations to reality. So when I found myself unable to fall back asleep after awakening in the middle of the night, I decided to go ahead and cross some things off today’s to-do list. While experts on sleep would probably advise against tackling projects when you should be trying to train your body to rest, I do what I want. :)

Practicing gratitude in the middle of a semi-sleepless night does not make the task of falling back to sleep easier, but it certainly makes the staying awake more pleasant. So, as many of you are sleeping, I’m here thinking about how fortunate I am my schedule for today allows for a nap. I might not take one, but it’s nice to know I can if I want one. Also, if I do manage to fall back asleep, it will be great to wake up and realize I’ve already posted for today. And if by chance I am unable to slumber again before the sun rises, I’ll probably get a lot accomplished before 7:00 am. Silver linings, people. Silver linings.


Before I know it, the sun will be rising…

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