Count Your Blessings

Growing up in church, I sang the same old hymns over and over and over again countless times. The songs are so ingrained in my mind that a random thought or word in a conversation can start them playing in my head. Even though I no longer swing that way theologically, the good ol’ Christian hymn “Count Your Blessings” was my earworm of the day today.

It’s been years and years since I heartily sang that song standing behind a pew, smelling the dustiness of the hymn book, but it began playing in my mind as I was working in the garden this morning, thinking about how fortunate I am to have three-day weekends nearly every weekend. I remember nearly every word. I continued hearing it in the background as I went about my do-a-bunch-of-projects day, enjoyed time with Brian, exercised, and managed to squeeze in a nap. I don’t like the word blessing because my religious background imbues it with a sort of meaning that makes me think of people who give their god credit for things they’ve done themselves or others have done for them. But that’s just one of my quirks. As I have yet to think of a Leah-appropriate synonym for this word that most people find innocuous, I decided to just go with it and count my ‘blessings’ today.

Here is what I came up with (in no particular order):

1) I nearly always have three-day weekends.

2) My husband is awesome. He’s generous, hilarious, thoughtful, hard-working, and oh so patient.

3) I am well-fed. I am able to afford nutritious foods, I am educated about what is good for me and what is not good for me, and I live where there is easy access to food that nourishes me rather than just fills my stomach.

4) My body always does what I ask of it. I am strong and becoming stronger. My body is amazing.

5) Not only do I have a home, I have a home that is filled with peace and love.

6) I am surrounded by nature and it graces me with something new every day.

7) I have the ability to read and enjoy the many wonderful books on my shelves.

8) My animals each bring me such joy every single day.

9) I have access to the internet, making it easy to satisfy whatever random bit of curiosity pops into my head throughout the day.

10) My friends are fantastic. I know so many seriously awe-inspiring, beautiful people.

If you counted your blessings, what would be on list?

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