Merry Monday!

Merry Monday to you! If you are wondering what Merry Monday is all about, go on and read the first Merry Monday post here. There were so many things, events, and people that made me happy this past week that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few. Below are some of my favorite happy-bits that I will try to mentally conjure up during the more trying times of this upcoming week.

1) I first saw the below video a couple months ago. I laughed so hard I gave myself the hiccups. A Facebook friend shared it this past week and I got a severe case of the giggles all over again. I think this video is a perfect illustration of how we might think we are communicating clearly, but the hearer gets a different message than the one we intended to give. I could probably write an entire post about this short video, but for now I will just share it for the giggles.

2) Okay, apparently this Merry Monday is all about videos because here is another one I loved. These girls (and guys) are definitely on the right track. I love that they are challenging, and encouraging others to challenge societal messages about beauty. Also, this video led me, by nature of a shared name, to this fabulous website.

3) Good things do come from Facebook (sometimes). My sister shared this video found on Upworthy. The Devotion Project, from which this video originated, is a fascinating work celebrating stories of true love and commitment. While I picked this video to share with you, all of the videos are simply beautiful and worth watching.

2 responses to “Merry Monday!

  1. Merry Monday to you too! Personally, I liked the 3rd video best. The love the have for each other is inspiring.

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